April 29, 2011

Wall Stadium Cruise Night April 29, 2011  


Wall had a decent turnout for their first Cruise Night of 2011. Wall will be hosting their Cruise Night on the final Friday of each month through September. What I really like about the Wall Cruise Night is that there are no restrictions on year or make or anything. Antiques, muscle, late models, VW bugs, all seem to be welcome. Except for Donks! (just kidding). Read more about it here.

1934 Ford

This is a 1942 Crosley, one of 1,029 made that year. 38 CID and about 13 HP. Never heard of it until tonight. My daughter wants one.

I would love to see more G-Bodies at these events. Yes I know that technically this is an A-body.


What next?

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