May 30, 2009

New Egypt Speedway Results 5/23/2009: Pauch Wins Again!  


Billy Pauch in Victory Lane at New Egypt Speedway

Here are the unofficial results:

Big Block Modified:
1) 1-Billy Pauch
2) 20-Rick Laubach
3) 7-Ron John Koczon
4) 00-Gary Butler (I think)
5) 3-Sam Martz

1) 28-Pat Wall
2) 10-George Quinlan
3) 7A-Gene Stravinsky
4) 98-Tim Apgar
5) JR1-Rocco Infante

Outlaw Stock
1) 91-Joe Mongeau
2) 06-Vern McLaughlin
3) 82-John Carpenter
4) 13XXX-PJ Oliver Jr.
5) 914-Rich Mongeau

Tonight was just another great night of racing at NES: perfect weather, nice crowd, nice track conditions.

Sportsman Winner Pat Wall in Victory Lane

Outlaw Stock winner Joe Mongeau in Victory Lane

Post-Race Tech for the Outlaw Stocks

The top three cars in Outlaw Stock spent a very long time in post-race tech, with a particular focus under the hood. It looked like they were checking compression and scoping the combustion chambers, among other things. I looks like everything checked out OK.

Here is some video from Modified Heat 1, showing John McClellan spin, and then recover to qualify on the last lap:

What next?

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