April 26, 2009

New Egypt Speedway Modified Heat action 4/25/2009  


Here's a short video of some Modified heat racing action from New Egypt Speedway. You can read more about the night in another post here.

UPDATED: 5/9/2009

Here is something kind of cool. John McClelland, or one of his crew, posted in-car video of the same heat I shot above from 4/25/2009. Now you can see the heat from two different perspectives.

UPDATED: 5/9/2009

Here is one more heat from 4/25/2009, with a focus on the 6th place car of Johnny Guarino who was running 6th, lost the spot, and got it back at the very end to qualify for the feature.

If you want to purchase a video of the entire night, or any other night at New Egypt Speedway, you should check out Big Jim's Videos. Jim's videos are much higher quality than my shaky point and shoot.

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