April 26, 2009

New Egypt Speedway Modified Heat action 4/25/2009  


Here's a short video of some Modified heat racing action from New Egypt Speedway. You can read more about the night in another post here.

UPDATED: 5/9/2009

Here is something kind of cool. John McClelland, or one of his crew, posted in-car video of the same heat I shot above from 4/25/2009. Now you can see the heat from two different perspectives.

UPDATED: 5/9/2009

Here is one more heat from 4/25/2009, with a focus on the 6th place car of Johnny Guarino who was running 6th, lost the spot, and got it back at the very end to qualify for the feature.

If you want to purchase a video of the entire night, or any other night at New Egypt Speedway, you should check out Big Jim's Videos. Jim's videos are much higher quality than my shaky point and shoot.

April 25, 2009

New Egypt Speedway Results: 4/25/2009. Great night of Racing!  


Billy Pauch in Victory Lane after winning the Modified Feature

Feature results:

Big Block Modified:
1) 1-Billy Pauch
2) 20-Rick Laubach
3) 58-Bucky Kell
4) 6P-Mike McAleer
5) 59-Tad Cox

Crate Sportsman
1) 5W-Pat Wall
2) 61-Jon Haegele
3) 30-Bobby Dmuchowski
4) 3i- George Idell Jr.
5) 93B-Brian Papiez

Super Stock
1) 99-Todd Cray
2) 14-Mick Search
3) 10-George Quinlan
4) 87-Billy Bauer
5) 93-George Marrero Jr.

What an excellent night of racing. The show started right at 6:00 PM sharp, and was over by 9:15 PM. The track was pretty tacky all night, leading to plenty of two groove racing. The intermission was a lengthy 44 minutes to prep the track, but it was worth it. The track stayed pretty racy, but did look to develop some bumps in a few spots. From a fan's perspective, I would choose tonight's surface over a dry slick surface every time. There was great side by side racing in all divisions tonight.

There were plenty of cautions tonight, and I'm not sure why. I'll leave the guessing to others. I also thought the tow trucks did a much quicker job this week of clearing the track. Sometimes the tow trucks get held up in the pits, and its not their fault, but tonight it looks like they were dropping some cars in the infield to save time on the multi-car wrecks.

I thought Nick Leach did a great job announcing tonight. They should let him do more of the announcing, especially calling the races, on a weekly basis. Nick adds some character and that is a good thing.

It was announced tonight that the Sportsman would run heats from now on instead of time trials, which I think is the right thing to do. Time trials suck. There, I said it.

There was a decent crowd on hand, but nowhere near the crowd that was there on opening night. Perfect weather, only the 2nd night of the season, and Wall Stadium was closed tonight, so no competition there. Is the crowd size tonight as good as it gets for a regular show? Is the $20 admission keeping people away?

Super Stock Feature

Todd Cray and crew in Victory Lane

This was an exciting feature. How much passing was there? Well, winner Todd Cray spun early while leading, taking out another car, and suffering some damage. Cray came back to win the feature after restarting from the back.

There was an incident, or should I say incidents, between the 4th place finisher Billy Bauer, and the 119 of Rob Ormsbee. The 119 got spun by the 87 while leading. The 87 was sent to the back for overaggressive driving. With both cars running side by side under the yellow, there was contact under the yellow. I didn't see it, but I heard it, and it looked like the 119 must have intentionally run into the 87. What I do know is that the 119 was sent to the pits. I would not be surprised at all to see the 119 set down for a race or two.

Modified Feature

The Modified feature was great; maybe the best I've seen in recent memory. Billy Pauch and Rick Laubach put on quite a show working through lapped traffic. Pauch eventually got by Laubach and kept the lead, working the lapped traffic to his advantage. I always enjoy watching Billy Pauch in victory lane. Billy always lets the kids take victory lane photos, and never leaves until everyone gets their photos, or autographs, or whatever.

Crate Sportsman Feature

Local New Egypt resident Pat Wall in Victory Lane

Rookie Sportsman Feature

Brian Roemer in Victory Lane

Brian Roemer won the Rookie feature for the 2nd straight week. He is fast and consistent. I was told he went to a driving school, got himself a decent car, and is now out there kicking some ass.

April 19, 2009

New Egypt Speedway Results: Opening Night 4/18/2009  


Gary Butler wins the Modified Feature in the Garden State Tri-Track Series
“Cabin Fever 40” Sponsored by Hamill Flooring

Feature results:

Big Block Modified:
1) 00-Gary Butler
2) 1-Billy Pauch
3) 18-Tim Tanner
4) 14-Ryan Watt
5) 51M- Keith Hoffman

1) 1-Rocco Infante
2) 6-J.J. Stangle
3) 17- ?? Howardson. Sorry forgot his 1st name.
4) 98-Tim Apgar
5) 20?-Will Dupree?

Outlaw Stock
1) 914-Rich Mongeau
2) 6-Vern McLaughlin
3) 11-Gary Klimeczak
4) 82-John Carpenter
5) 6-Mike Butler

Last night New Egypt Speedway opened the 2009 season with what has to be considered a very successful evening of racing. The weather was perfect, the crowds were big, and the racing was very good...mostly.

NES reconfigured the track so that it is less D-shaped and more symmetrical, and it looks like they put down all new clay. I really like the new track configuration. The surface was smooth all night. There was some dust, but after all,it is dirt racing, and none of it really got to me in the stands. The track seemed to get way too slick though, which made it very hard to pass at times...more about that later.

Also, the front gate admission was raised $20 for a regular show, and last night's admission was $22. I won't complain about the money. I can just imagine the staggering costs that Bill Miscoski and his team must face to keep that place going. I feel that I got my $22 worth last night.

In case anyone reading this has never been to New Egypt, it is in my opinion a world class dirt track facility: Excellent Musco lighting, modern stands, clean restrooms, free parking, great food, kid programs...you get the picture.

NES has cut the classes to 3 divisions per night, which I think is great. Last night there were 22 Outlaw Stocks, 30 Sportsman and 41 Big Block Modifieds.

Room for improvement

There were a few things that I would like to see improve as the season rolls on.

- Start time was supposed to be 6:00 PM, but the 1st race didn't start until 6:20 PM. No big deal unless...

- The show took 5 hours. NES cut back to 3 divisions per night in 2009, they ran time trials for Outlaw and Sportsman, and the show still took 5 hours to get in the books? The Outlaw stock feature was checkered at 10:55 PM. With a late start, a 45 minute intermission to cut and water in the track, and some slow accident clearing in the Mod feature, it turned into a 5 hour show. Am I the only one who cares about this? What's going to happen when NES switches to a 7:00 PM start time?

- Passing: As the surface dried out and rubber was laid down, it seemed like it got much harder to pass. The first two Mod heats were pretty racy, but by heat 4 the passing suffered. They cut and watered the track at intermission, so the Sportsman feature saw some good passing on a fresh surface. By the the Mods went out though, passing was tough. This really became evident in the Mod feature when Gary Butler, followed closely by Billy Pauch, caught the back of the pack (10 car), but could not pass a single lapped car. I hope I'm not coming across too harshly. I think the new surface is very promising, and I'm betting the racing will get even better as the season moves on.

Final Thoughts

All in all, I think last night at New Egypt Speedway was a great opening night to the season. If you haven't been to New Egypt, I highly recommend you give it a try.