September 27, 2008

Wildwood Boardwalk Classic Car Show Photos September 2008: Part 1  


I attended the 15th Annual Boardwalk Classic Car Show in Wildwood last week. Great weather and lots of cars. There were hundreds of cars on display on the boardwalk, but there were even more just cruising around all weekend.

The show is limited to 1983 and older, which seems to coincide with New Jersey's definition of an antique: 25 years or older. I believe the Spring show is open to all years, so they offer a chance for everyone to participate.

The best part of the weekend is actually at night. There are hot rods and muscle cars just cruising the streets, trying to sneak in burnouts when the police aren't around. Hanging around on the corner of Ocean Ave. and Rio Grande on Saturday night brings you back about 35 years to the heyday of the muscle car era.

Here are some of my favorites:

1975 or 1976 Chevrolet Laguna S-3. I don't know enough to tell the two years apart. Feel free to comment if you know. Super clean.

1968 Chevrolet Impala. Straight Six.

1977 Pontiac Trans Am. I had a silver one in college. Shoulda kept it.

1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. This one's for 3wide.

1954 Chevy Wagon 2 door. I've never seen a 1954 Chevy wagon, let alone a 2 door. This thing is kewl and rare. You'll never have to worry about seeing another one at the local cruise night.

Vega wagon. Had to include it.

The Mystery Machine. Zoinks! My kids loved this thing.

T-bucket, driver quality, for sale for $7500

Billy Pauch 1976 Vintage Modified on Display at New Egypt Speedway  


I am a little late on this post, as this car was on display at New Egypt Speedway back on August 30. This is the actual Sportsman Modified that Billy ran in 1976, win several features and championships.

I love the fact that this car was not over restored. The paint job and graphics are excellent, and in my opinion, authentic to the era. No over glossed paint or decals here.

September 18, 2008

Scott Kalitta Crash Findings Released by New Jersey State Police  


On September 17, 2008, the New Jersey State Police Fatal Accident Unit released its findings on the drag strip crash that took the life of Scott Kalitta. You can read the complete report here.


  • The report states that after the catastrophic engine failure, Scott applied mechanical braking and maintained steering control.
  • Scott entered the runoff area, into the pea gravel, at about 125 mph. The front end of Scott's car pitched up and the vehicle took flight, went over a concrete barrier, and struck the hollow steel catch net support post.
  • Scott's car continued 15' before impacting the cast iron counterbalance portion of an aerial boom lift vehicle, which was in place for ESPN. Scott's car continued to make several impacts with the 23,000 lb. boom vehicle.
  • Accelerometers on Scott's car recorded mutiple impacts over 100G, with some exceeding 200G.
  • Toxicology tests revealed Scott's blood alcohol level was .02%.
IN my opinion, once Scott's car became airborne, he had very little chance of surviving this crash. By becoming airborne, Scott's car did not benefit from any of the devices put in place to safely slow the car down. He simply flew over them.

It seems rather obvious that the impact with the 23,000 lb. boom vehicle was fatal, and with hindsight, I'm sure everyone would agree that the boom shouldn't have been there. Had it not been for the boom though, Scott's car would have gone into the woods and possibly across Pension Rd. That scenario is also a whole lot of NOT GOOD.

Obviously, NHRA has got to find a way to safely decelerate these cars when they approach the end of the runoff lane. More importantly though, they need to find a way to contain the cars so that they actually benefit from the runoff area, and not fly over, or around it.

I believe the NHRA should actually do some crash testing. They should build a runoff area somewhere where they can design and test safety ideas. They need to find out why Scott's car went airborne and prevent it from happening again. They need to implement standards that can be applied at all tracks.

In the meantime, I will gladly live with racing to the 1000' mark, allowing the racers an additional 320' to stop.

On a final note, I don't know what to make of the finding that Scott's BAC was .02%. I can't see how this would have affected the outcome of the crash at all, but it sure is not the kind of publicity the NHRA needs right now.

T-Buckets at Jackson Outlet Cruise Night: August 29, 2008  


I didn't have time to include all of my favorite photos when I originally posted about the Jackson Outlet Cruise Night here, so I thought I would add a few T-bucket photos.

There were a couple of T-buckets that really caught my eye:

Who is crazy enough to put a blown hemi in a T-bucket?

How about a blown big block?

September 17, 2008

Wally Marks Vintage Modified Stock Car at New Egypt Speedway  


The #1 Modified originally owned by Wally Marks was on display at New Egypt Speedway on Saturday September 13, 2008. What I like best about vintage cars is their unique character. There were no store bought chassis, so every car was different. The front end on this car is pretty unusual. Also, check out the body panels on either side of the driver, and the slope of the roof. Aerodynamics at play here?

According to Joe at, the Wally Marks car was restored by Ray Neary, racer and former Modified Champion who had worked with Wally back in the day.

Updated 9/19/2008: I discovered a cool link from Jeff who left a comment on this post, It's essentially a tribute site for Wally Campbell, a very successful racer from New Jersey who died in a racing accident at only 28. Check it out. As I mention down below, Wally Campbell won some championships driving for Wally Marks in the early 1950's.

Here are some more pictures:

I believe both the 1951 Modified Championship and the ASCRA Championships were won by Wally Campbell driving for Wally Marks.

September 14, 2008

Tighe Scott NASCAR Winston Cup Stock Car on Display at New Egypt Speedway  


On September 13, 2008, Tighe Scott's Winston Cup stock car was on display in the picnic area at New Egypt Speedway. Very cool. I love seeing old Cup cars. I wasn't able to find the guys who brought it that night, but I understand that the car is still owned by Tighe Scott, and is one of the actual cars raced by him in NASCAR in the 1970's.

While now in full race trim, you can tell that this car was not built as a ground up race car, but actually began life as an Oldsmobile Cutlass. Based on the rear window, I would guess its a 1976 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442, but I'm not really sure. Looks like a 442 nose as well. Feel free to comment if you can identify the year of this car, or have anymore interesting information on Tighe Scott.

I found a link here that provides some information and statistics on Tighe Scott's NASCAR Cup career. It looks like he was pretty competitive for a couple years, finishing 13th in points in 1978.

Click here to see Tighe Scott's Wikipedia page.

Click here to see a Youtube video of Tighe Scott's crash in the 1982 Daytona 500. This was towards the end of his Cup career, and obviously in a later car.

Here are some more photos of the car:

New Egypt Speedway Results 9/13/2008: Billy Pauch Sweeps Twin 35's  


Billy Pauch in Victory Lane After Winning Both 35 Lap Features

You can find complete race results at

Also, check out this link to see some excellent off track photos of the night at

Last night provided some excellent racing. Multi groove, lots of passing. It looks like New Egypt is finally getting a hold of the racing surface. It was tacky and smooth. Oh yeah, the wind was coming out of the east, so there was still plenty of dust blowing into the stands, but this is dirt racing and dust is part of the deal.

Here are some photos from last night:

A Crowded Victory Lane For Billy Pauch

Damage to Pauch's car from the 1st feature

More Damage to Pauch's Car

Frank Cozze's Damaged car after being upside down in the 1st feature. Frank went on to finish 3rd. Never give up.

Keith Hoffman's crew preparing the backup car after losing a wheel in the 1st feature wreck. Keith hauled ass in the 2nd feature to finish 4th, starting from last.

The end of a great night of racing.