August 31, 2008

URC Sprints Results from New Egypt Speedway 8/30/2009  


J.J. Grasso's 4th Consecutive Win at NES

Last night again had some great racing on tap at New Egypt Speedway. The URC Sprint Series was in town this week and they put on an excellent show. The schedule was moving along at a decent pace until the rains came at around 8:30 PM. After about an hour and a half delay to work the track in, it was feature time and the track was smooth, tacky and very fast.

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URC Sprints
J.J. Grasso won his fourth consecutive URC Sprint feature at New Egypt, pretty much dominating the rest of the field. Grasso was so much faster in the corners than everyone else, running right on the edge. There were a few times where the car bounced a bit coming out of turn 4, I thought for sure he was in trouble, but he stayed in it and put on a great show.

Sam Martz pretty much had the field covered, and brought home his 2nd Modified victory of the season. Rich Rutski finished 2nd, and Billy Pauch finished 3rd.

Modified Winner Sam Martz in Victory Lane

Billy Pauch Story
Billy Pauch is a lucky man. He got crashed out of his heat, and only qualified 8th in the consi on a dry slick track. Since he already used his one provisional this year, Pauch was not qualified and would have to go home. This would surely end any chance he had of winning his fourth New Egypt Speedway Modified Championship.

Then it started to rain. As I sat talking with talking with a friend, we thought, wouldn't it be cool if Pauch stuck around just in case some Modified drivers decided to go home rather than wait out the rain? If just two qualified cars went home, then Pauch, as second alternate, would be in the show.

Well, I don't really know how it happened, but just before the modified feature, it was announced that two cars decided to pack it up and go home. Isn't that convenient?

Pauch was in the show. It turns out that Pauch would have been in the show anyway, because at least two additional modified drivers, including the 10G of Brian Godown, were not allowed to start the feature because they did not help run the track in after the rain, which was mandatory. So two additional unqualified alternates made their way into the feature behind Pauch. Whew.

So Billy Pauch started 22nd, but with the heavy, tacky track, he fought his way to a 3rd place finish. Pauch made some contact with Keith Hoffman in a late race pass for 3rd, just going into turn 3 under Hoffman a bit too hard.

I made my way over the to spectator deck overlooking the tech area, which happens to be right next to Keith Hoffman's pit, to see if there would be any trouble between Pauch and Hoffman. There were no issues. Hoffman kept his cool and stayed in his pit. I'm sure Keith has a good memory though, and I wouldn't be surprised to some more racing action between them in the closing weeks.

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