August 19, 2008

New Egypt Speedway 8/16/2008  


I again attended New Egypt Speedway last Saturday night and saw some great racing. ARDC midgets were running, which was pretty cool, but the Outlaw Stocks had the night off, which was not cool, because I like watching them run. I just like the unpredictability of them and the unique character of each car, which are based on street cars.

If you want the full rundown, you can go to for the results. Rather than just rehash the same old results here, I thought I would focus on other stuff, like post race tech.

The above photo shows post race tech for the Crate 1 Sportsman. Shown in the photo are the 2nd and 3rd place finishers. Not seen in the photo is the unofficial winner, Pat Hires, in victory lane. Pat Hires and the 2nd place finisher, Richie Cass, had just battled each other on the last lap, fighting through lapped cars and each other.

1st of all, notice the visible security presence? That's because just last week there was an all out brawl in the pits between Sam Martz and Frank Cozze, and pretty much their entire crews. Looks like Security is taking no chances this week.

The 1st place car of Pat Hires, and the 3rd place car of John Haegele were disqualified after failing post-race tech for illegal carburetors. The 75 car of Richie Cass, the car to the left in the photo above, ended up being declared the winner.

I really like the way NES does the post-race tech this year. The tech area is at the edge of the pits, just below the spectator deck, in a public area for all to see. Very transparent, and interesting to watch at times.

So, does fightin' and cheatin' have any place in local short track racing? Hell yes! It just makes me want to go back next week to see what will happen next. Also, the post-race tech problems with the Crate 1 class has put this class on my radar, where I have been ignoring this class pretty much all season. I'm not the only one, it seems that attendance has been up lately, and there is a bit of edginess in the air on Saturday night.

What next?

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