August 7, 2008

Go Stock Car Racing for 1500 Bucks  


I saw this Outlaw Stock for sale at New Egypt Speedway last week. Looks like a mid 1980s Chevrolet Monte Carlo. The sign states,"$1500 or B/O." That's cheap racing right there.

This car could run in Outlaw Stock, which with the closing of Wall Stadium, has grown into a pretty decent class at New Egypt. Last week there were about 25 cars. What I like about Outlaw Stock is that the cars are actually built from real street cars, and don't all look alike.

There is a good mix of 1980's G-bodies (Montes, Regals, Cutlasses, Grand Prix), a few Camaros, and last week there was even a Duster. Cool. There is plenty of contact and unpredictability in this class which makes them fun to watch.

What next?

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